Zeno’s eyes fluttered open; he saw nothing, but darkness. He moved around his bed and sighed as a miserable thought travelled across his mind. Why do he keep waking up in the middle of the night and have those thoughts—he really hated it, he just wished that it will stop; that he’ll just sleep peacefully at night.


Sitting up, he looked around and realized that he was in his room, in Mesi; foolish of him he thought that he was still in that Hotel room waiting for the continuation of the party to come. It felt like he was far away from Anabel and everyone else. Anabel, oh how he missed her so much…her laugh echoes inside his mind—it made him happy and sad at the same time. All he wanted to do is hug her, to make her feel safe in his arms. That’s all that he wanted.


‘But we loved with a love that was more than love, I and my Annabel Lee’


Zeno closed his eyes as those words keep repeating in his mind; he can hear the voice of Julian whispering that phrase to him. His heart ached, slashed by a sword, hit by an arrow. And it bled in endless sorrow. He wanted to scream to make the pain go away, but he can’t there’s no voice that can get out; he can’t even utter a single word. He tried to open his mouth and speak, silence—it was silent. The silence worsened the pain, ‘Zeno…’ he heard his girlfriend whisper. He was hearing things, and he doesn’t like it.


Remembering the way she smiled, his heart bled even more, he hold his bare chest, maybe it would stop the aching. No, it did not…his heart beat fast, like it can break his rib cage. He had no more choice, but just to leave it be. He gathered his blanket onto him and he curled up on his bed. He open his ears and let the Annabel Lee poem repeat inside his mind, it repeated and repeated; everything is turning black again, but not calm, he can still feel the ache, the sorrow lingering around him.


He finally found his words and said: “For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams, of the beautiful Annabel Lee” he felt emptiness, emptiness before he drifted back to sleep again.